Pic Credit: Pallav Vyas

Gingerly I step ahead
Facing the sun and my fears
Immersed in the calls of wild and free
Sowing wanderlust since times immemorial

The chasm between the real and the dream
Entwines and writhes with each fall
For in that stillness shines the light
With new visions and the familiar unknown

It shields, it heals, dispels the fears
A cautious vibe, a place beyond the skies
Open meadows and starlit nights
This wanderlust takes on me

To leave my home, to take my flight
To sail the seas with blinding tides
Taste the world from cream to crust
I ponder, yearning yonder, Wander-Lust

I wonder if there is at all
A purpose for my wandering
The sky where I wander
I wander, lost in Wanderlust


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